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A Whaler's Tale

Here's a little Wednesday treat for you all. Have a listen to one of the traditional sea shanties featured in Moby Dick, as sung by the cast.

sea shanties

It's the start of the third week of Moby-Dick, and here are two more sea shanties sung by our cast for your edification and enjoyment. A Whaler's Tale and Will Your Anchor Hold are both original whaling shanties from the period Moby-Dick was written, and are both, we think, beautiful songs. Enjoy!

Moby dick production photos

Last week we had the perenially excellent Idil Sukan in to take shots of Moby Dick. You can see the results here or head to the gallery. Press night tonight and pay what you can as well! Get down early to avoid disappointment.

Shanties Ahoy

It’s tech time, nerves are racing and Seb is beginning to shout “do it again” with a vigour last seen in Attila the Hun… but there is a feeling that things are slowly beginning to come together.

goodbye Caligari, hello Moby-Dick

On Saturday night we bade a sad farewell to the The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. It was a cracking five weeks, and we’re delighted with how it went. We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has worked on it, and to all of you who came to see it. Up until now we’ve been rehearsing Moby-Dick in the day and performing Caligari by night.

Thank You to William

We'd like to say an enormous thank you to William McFadden (Head of Operations Management), for his fantastically generous support of tonights performance of Caligari.

Thank you William from everyone here at simple8!

Thank You Lauren

We'd like to say thank you so much to Lauren McKenna for her generous support of tonight's performance of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. 
Thank you from everyone at simple8.

Win tickets to caligari!!

This week is Climate Week. As part of it, we’d like to ask everyone to fill out our travel survey.

Thank You

We'd like to say a massive thank you to Geneview Muinzer and Nick Segal, who have incredibly kindly supported tonight's performance of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. 

Thank you from us all.

First review for The Cabinet of Dr Caligari

The first review is out from Stewart Pringle at Time Out. It's 4 stars and a great reaction to the show. Read it by following the link here or in our Reviews section with the rest of the Simple8 press clippings.

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