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two weeks down...

On Saturday we finished our second week of rehearsals for The Four Stages of Cruelty. We've enjoyed a prosperous and comfortable fortnight largely due to the generosity of the church Our Lady of Hal in Camden. Our heartfelt thanks to them for lending us the space which has served us so well. We now move on to the Rag Factory to get a little more space in which to thrash out the details of the play and get it ready for opening night.

Here are some photos from the last day at the church.

Knowledge Conquers All

Last Friday saw the inaugural Simple 8 Quiz night at the London Irish Centre, a fierce contest played out of over the course of several boozy hours. The aptly named Luck O' The Irish finally emerged ahead of the pack and took 1st prize of Champagne, vodka, DVDs and of course, the legendary Simple 8 carrot cake.


As part of our ongoing growth and development, we at simple8 have had our website redesigned by the wonderful people at Zimzamzimmy. There's still much content to add and many things to play with, but hope you like the way it looks and find it easy to use. Let us know what you think.

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