The Living Unknown Soldier

Production date

12 February 2008 - 15 March 2008

France, 1918. A soldier is found wandering a station platform. With no knowledge of his identity, or the country he has been defending, he is saved from death but exiled from life.

What follows is a war story, a ghost story, an absurd comedy and a chilling tragedy in which the ensemble rise from a no-man’s land of mud to imagine and remember the life of the living unknown soldier.


David Brett, Stephanie Brittain, Hugo Cox, Hannah Emanuel, Tony Guilfoyle, Sue Maund, Tom Mison, Johnny Palmiero


Written & Directed by Sebastian Armesto Design by Simon Allison & Natasha Ward Music by David Brett & Hannah Emanuel Lighting by Andy Downie Sound by Federico Fernandez-Armesto Produced by Lilli Geissendorfer